What is my blog about?

We crave love, each and everyone of of us has the inherent need to be loved. We are brought up on the idea of finding ‘the one’ or ‘our happily ever after’ or ‘our prince/princess’, our ‘one true love’, the person who makes us ‘whole’, the missing part of our soul etc.

We spend our whole life chasing one idea or the other believing that the love we crave is somewhere out there waiting to be found. In our quest we have many adventures and misadventures. We hurt ourselves and others in pursuit of our happiness, never once doubting that love will bring us happiness because we have all experienced the truth of the statement. We have been happiest when we are in love and are being loved.

We try everything in our power to keep it in our lives, controlling people, lying, putting a mask on which is acceptable to others, hiding our weakness’, we compete for it, do a myriad different things to win it and when we loose it….gosh it is the most painful experience of our lives. One that I for sure would be loathe to wish upon even on my enemies if I had any!

Here I share my journey of falling in love with myself, fulling the need of being loved by someone I chose ‘that special person’ to be me…for if I can’t love myself just as I am or remove the cricks that prevent me from accepting myself….why should I expect anyone else to love me?

Please join me in the journey of rediscovering the real self and then proceeding to fall in love.